zondag 7 juli 2013


OK, I'm super mega fed up with being pregnant (just in case you didn't catch my vibe earlier......)
At times I feel like I'm about to topple over forwards, very uncool!
How boring!!!
It was much easier in the end with Lexie because we had a C-section planned months in advance. Now I'm not sure what the hell is going on. Not good for for somebody as impatient as me.... But yeah, I'm trying to relax and have fun anyway. Easier said than done because I get tired so quickly now. My lower back does not appreciate it when I go for short walks and my brain is guiding me back to bed.

Isabelle during one of her work outs
So in bed is where I am these days. For some variation I head to the couch as well. Good news is that I'm too tired to be bored ;) My Candy Crush progress is going well and my Ruzzle scores are up. Only Wordfeud isn't going well.

Fun at school!
I have days that my belly is hard almost non stop. That is very annoying because I'm not getting any 'real' contractions. Walking equals instant hard belly. I do try for at least a half an hour walk a day. If I go slow enough (yuck) my back tends to cooperate. I was really mad and irritated 2 nights ago and decided to walk it off briskly. It improved my mood for sure but I couldn't move afterwards......
Water melon love
Haiwen went back to GZ yesterday. The upside is that I can then FaceTime with Lexie. She's doing great and has grown so much already! The downside is that auntie is here now. She drives me nuts and I still have to be nice. Horrible!!! She's very sweet and nice but also very naive. She loves repeating things and comments on everything. Yesterday we watched the Wimbledon final together. It went something like this:
"That was an ace. She hit the ball. It is out. Oh, game (no back to deuce). She's crying. She's behind. She's not in shape. Double fault. Game. A point. She won. She lost."
And this is the super abbreviated version. When we go it out it may go something like this:
"We're taking the elevator. We get out at level 5. We walk towards the exit. We walk outside to the metro. We're taking the metro." And so on and so on. Maddening!!

Some rain today
The real problem is that otherwise she's taking good care of me. She cooks and cleans the house. So I do my best to keep the hormones in check (very, very hard to do) and eat whatever she makes, even if I don't like it. I finish all the soup because that makes her happy. I know at a rational level that it is really cool that she's here. But hey, has any 9 months pregnant person ever been 'rational'??
Bring Haiwen back, at least I can be as mean to him as I like :P

Big belly

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