zondag 9 juni 2013


On Friday I headed to HongKong for the last check up before the move there. Haiwen was supposed to join me but he was running out of free days as he is in HK a lot already to arrange stuff for our new house. I asked my friend Nicole to join me and she had time, hurrah!! We took the first through train and off we were!

The lady at customs asked if I was a diplomat, since I was in the fast lane. Nope, pregnant, was my answer. The same happened in HK but there they have a person checking BEFORE the desk. OK, I get that you don't see my huge belly when it is hidden behind a desk but when I'm walking up and standing right next to you..... Nicole says it is because I don't waddle and walk too fast, hahaha.

Apres photo shoot make up

I wasn't sure what was going to happen at the hospital. The appointment slip was written in typical doctor scribble so I couldn't figure it out. Last time the doctor warned me that it could take a while. This time I reported to a different section in the hospital. I got my shot of Rhogum and a small examination. All in all we waited for a bit over an hour. Not bad at all, since last time we waited over 2 hours!! That's what always happens, isn't it? When you are hurried there are major delays and when you are prepared for stuff to take forever it is over before you know it! 

I was done by 12.30, perfect timing for lunch! We went to a small Japanese place nearby.
Nicole was in the mood for some shopping and since she was carrying my bag that was fine by me :) I'm still walking well but any extra added weight locks up my lower back immediately.

We came across a nice store on Nathan Road and hit M&S a bit later. We wanted to buy a little something to go with coffee at Ans and Chiels place. We bought some apple cake slices and headed to McDonalds for a little rest and some wifi. Then we continued our walk to Ans' house.

We had a nice chat and also saw Chiel. Then it was time for some dinner and Nicole and I headed to the Thai place on the square where Ans lives. I didn't eat very much as the food hit my throat the wrong way, stirring up unwanted reflexes..... Ugh! Nicole had a salad that turned out to be mega spicy. She has now decided to believe the little pepper pictogram on menu's ;)

We walked back to HungHum station and boarded the train back to GZ. Nicole never has a delay going back to GZ so it's great to travel with her, hihi. We got lucky as we got out of the train right next to the stairs. We were number one and two at customs, hurrah! All in all a very smooth and pleasant day!

On Saturday morning I had a photo shoot. I'm curious to see the results. I'm afraid that some pics will be too tacky but I have my fingers crossed for a few nice ones as well. I'm going in on Friday to see the results. Then I also get to choose which ones can be magnified. That is part of the package deal Haiwen got me. We also made plans to do a complete family shoot once Isabelle is born.

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