zondag 16 juni 2013

The laundry basket

You see, I'm pretty used to the fact that my husband is mostly a 'Westerner'. Sometimes, however, his Chinese side emerges. This happens when you least expect it and in unpredictable ways.

This morning Lexie was playing in an empty laundry basket that happened to be in his room. He was very surprised and asked her what she was doing. I showed Lexie months ago that laundry baskets make an excellent toy. What's not to love about them? You can be either inside or out and there's always stuff around to be in there with you or to be thrown out!

We quickly figured out that Haiwen has missed out on the magic of the laundry basket, simply because he didn't have one in the house when he was growing up. Poor guy, but he seems to have made it anyway ;)

The big difference is that Lexie needed help getting in and out of the basket up to a few weeks ago. Now she does all kinds of gymnastic moves in and out, very cute!

More days like this please!
We had a few gorgeous 'cool' (about 24C) days this week, following some heavy rain. It was absolutely beautiful. Hardly any pollution and the AC was off for three days in a row. We only managed one night without AC because the wind gradually died down. Very slowly the humidity came creeping back and now we're at normal sticky weather again. I was grateful for the short respite!

On Friday I went to have a look at the pics from with preggo shoot. Molly joined me and we picked out 23 pics. There were some really nice ones so that was a relieve. Other ones were OK but I had a silly drawing on my belly. It didn't fit with the outfit or background at all so I asked them to photoshop it away. Luckily that was no problem. I can pick up a DVD with the pics on Monday. The rest won't be done until July (a large print out, key chains and some more stuff like that, haha, it was included in the package).

35 weeks.........
On Tuesday night I finally went out a bit. Off to watch the practice soccer match between Holland and China. The match itself was very bad but it was nice to chat and be out. I didn't make it to the end of the match though ;)

Later today I'm going to the China Hotel where Leon van der Zanden will perform, followed by a BBQ. Lexie and Haiwen will join me at the BBQ. Stand up performing in Dutch is also a bit too much for hubby dearest ;) In this case it works out well since Lexie is still a tad too young to appreciate such a performance.

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