woensdag 10 juli 2013

Yet another day.....

Wide load.......
Compared to yesterday it was quite an uneventful day today. I had a good sleep (hurrah!) and took auntie out for lunch. We took the mini van to the mall but I already dislike it. It is too small and you have to wait to get on. Walking to the metro is better than standing still in line! People on the bus are quite rude unfortunately. There was a window seat left near the front of the van. Since I don't fit through the isle I wanted to take it. Do you think that misses super skinny could scoot over and let me sit in the isle seat? Noooooo..... Belly and me had to navigate through zero space and sit at the window. Why? I have no idea.
Lots of blue chemicals today!
It took a while to find the restaurant I wanted to go to because the mini van drop off point is not near the metro. There are 3 malls connected to each other with sky bridges. Great for wandering about but not so great if you don't know exactly where you are going. We found it in the end and had a nice lunch. Auntie claims she eats everything and is not picky at all. I beg to differ: she picked out 9 bits of spring onion because they could be 'slime inducing' (please, don't ask.....). Then she checked the ingredients in her soup to make sure there were no 'heating' elements present....... (Remember yesterday's episode about the cabbage?)
Later at home she boiled some water and was upset when I wanted to add cold water to the already boiled water in the pot that was left over after she made her tea. Apparently it is not OK to boil water twice. Sounds pretty picky to me!

I wasn't sleepy after lunch so I watched some TV online. I'm sad to report that our next door neighbours are remodeling and drilling away as well. *sigh* We only share part of the outside wall so noise levels are a bit lower than the upstairs ones. Still annoying as hell to be honest.

Later in the afternoon I skyped with mom and Christa.
Auntie (bless her) is making dinner now. Haiwen will arrive much later today to relieve auntie of her duty for a little while. Lexie didn't go to school today because she had a slight fever. I'm waiting for Haiwen to arrive at the inlaws so I can Skype/FaceTime with her.

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