dinsdag 9 juli 2013

Elevator trouble

So, today I got stuck in an an elevator for the first time ever.
It happened in Cheung Kwan O after visiting a childhood friend of auntie. Auntie and friend were also there. As well as 4 grandma's 2 toddlers, 3 adults, a teenage girl and a baby.
One of the toddlers was not amused at first and was screaming bloody murder. Her mom was carrying her little brother and after a few minutes the baby got transferred to daddy. Screaming toddler was happy and proceeded to fall asleep.
Then baby wasn't too happy but he didn't cry too much. The other toddler sat quietly the whole time trough.
The lady on the other end of the speakerphone kept asking if everybody was OK. One of the grandma's was worried about her blood sugar and we were all feeling a bit hot. She kept saying 'the technician is on the way'. Yeah, thanks....... In the end we were stuck for about 20 minutes or so.
When we got out out there were 6 firemen waiting (sorry, too pregnant to notice if they were hot or not) and some management people. 'Is everybody OK, do you need to see a doctor?'
We just got out and I went to buy some water as I was feeling a bit faint.

Auntie's childhood friend lived in America for 30 years so it was nice to chat with her. Auntie kept complaining that she ate a dumpling with some cabbage in it last week because it made her skin break out in a rash..... Yes, that would be 3 slivers of barely visible cabbage per dumpling.... According to Cantonese tradition cabbage is hot so it will heat up your body. Uhm yeah, maybe if you eat 20 cabbages a day. Luckily these comments made her giggle as well. At other times we just needed a quick glance and a smile, haha. We both like auntie so we just let her go on.

After lunch we went upstairs to have a look at her house. In HK many people live on top of a mall. Ground prices are stupendously high so every inch is used as intensively as possible.
When we headed down to figure out the shuttle bus transfer home we got stuck in the elevator.
We found out that if you buy something for a 100 dollar or over you get 50 transfer bus tickets for free. That's basically for free! We bought some stuff and got our tickets. It is a bit more convenient to take the bus as it is more direct than the metro. The bus is tiny though so I hardly fitted through the aisle....
Auntie's friend came with us to take a look at our place. Yay, a Chinese house guest that enjoys a cup of coffee!! (Coffee is also evil in Cantonese lore, of course......)
They went on to chat but my energy was gone so I went to lay down for a bit.

Last night I managed to sleep from 23.30 until 2.30. Then I was plagued by not pain free fake contractions yet again. They lasted an hour or two before fizzling out. I slept a bit more after 6.00.
I'm not sure what Isabelle is up to. She's sending very mixed signals :S

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