zondag 25 augustus 2013

Anniversary weekend

On Saturday Isabelle celebrated her first month anniversary. In China this is a big milestone. Some babies aren't even named until after this 'event'. We went out for a lunch with some friends. The restaurant had a play area so Lexie went nuts and wanted to go in. In typical HK style the play area was 'closed due to maintenance'. Pfffffff. Luckily the area opened up at 13.15 so she could go in and play. A kind of teacher did crafts with the kids. Lexie was a happy camper :)

1 month old!
Haiwen and Lexie have been playing a lot this week. The main event is swimming in the downstairs indoor pool. They both love water so they have a lot of fun together.
One of Lexie's favourite hang outs
The outside water area is fun too (sorry, no pic at this time). Fountains and lots of other devices that shoot water. Yesterday the 'dry' playing area was good enough.

Out and about, running around!
On Sunday Lexie was 22 months old. We went out for dim sum. On the way back Lexie fell asleep on me in the cab. I managed to carry her to bed without waking her up :) She's still sleeping now.

22 months old!
Her are some more pics:

Ordering dim sum, a serious mission....

Daddy and Lexie

Nom, nom, nom :)

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Anoniem zei

Happy anniversary with the first month of Isabelle and the 22 months of Lexie......en laat het jullie verder allemaal maar lekker smaken, wij genieten wel mee via de blog.

Groetjes Jolien