zaterdag 31 augustus 2013

Doctor week

Well, we've been busy visiting the doctor this week....
Luckily he has his office inside Lohas Park, which makes it very convenient to reach his practice.
First I went in with mom who had a very sore throat. The doc diagnosed her and prescribed the following drugs:
Pills, anyone?
He told us it was a virus and a pretty contagious one at that. 
The same afternoon I started to feel bad. Warned by mom and the doctor I decided to go in to make an appointment as well. There were 25 people in the queue before me so the nurse suggested that I'd go home first and give them a ring to see how to queue was moving later. I rang them up after a while and walked to the practice again. I takes about 7 minutes to get there. I got lucky and saw these beautiful clouds:
Lovely sunset
It was fun to see that the elevated walkway through the park was full of people taking pictures of the sunset. I reached the doctors office and waited a few minutes before going in. The doctor is super nice and really takes his time for each patient. He remembered mom and was impressed with how high her pain threshold is. I had all the peripheral signs of the same virus attack so I got almost the same pills. A slight adjustment was made due to feeding Izzie.

On Wednesday I went to apply for a new Chinese visa. It has gotten much more complicated to get one yet again. Before it was possible to get your passport back with a new shiny visa in it on the same day. Now, no matter what you do, it takes 4 working days. 

Before going to the visa office I stopped by at Ans's place for a coffee and a chat. Haiwen was arriving from China and I met up with him before going to the visa office. He brought my old passport with a special visa in it. Some part of the new voodoo rules..... I don't even know. Good thing that the old passport seems to help my case...... I think........

On Monday Izzie had a shot and a check up. She's doing great and her growth is right on track. She was already crying when the nurse injected the needle. Izzie did one of the looooooong out of breath silent screams and calmed down quickly after that.

New hairstyle. The look in her eyes is: mom give me your phone to play with.
On Friday it was time to get Lexie a haircut. We went to 'my' hairdresser because he'd mentioned before he would cut Lexie's hair. We all went to the mall but had to wait one hour before it was Lexie's turn. We went for a snack and Izzie had one too ;) Unfortunately dad's throat was not doing great either so I'd booked an appointment at the doctors office for him as well. He left to go see the doc and we took Izzie to the hairdressers. She did not want to wear the gown and also didn't allow me to wear one. I had to hold her so I was completely covered with hair. Well yeah..... the things we do for our kids ;)

Dad was diagnosed with the same virus (of course) and is also taking his pills now.

On Friday morning I went to the dentist inside the metro station (yup, super fun week here). 
After Lexie I had a lot of cavities so I wanted to check how my teeth handled this pregnancy. Turned out not too bad with 2 cavities. The dentist suggested to fix one first and to make a new appointment to fix the other. I asked her to fix both at the same time because I just wanted to get it over with. She agreed and I went home a happy camper. 

That's it for now, it's a bit all over the place with this blog but so am I at this moment ;)

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Ik neem aan dat het Lexie was die geen kapmantel om wou en niet Izzie . Je hebt nog beetje last van de zwangerschapsblues denk ik :p

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