zaterdag 5 oktober 2013

Enjoying Limburg

Hi, we are still in Limburg! Life is good and we are enjoying a lot of family time.
My nephew Demian stayed over for the last 2 nights. Lexie and him get along well (see pics in the last blog!).
Let this meeting come to order!
A thing I miss in China is just opening the back door and letting Lexie out to play in the garden. As long as we lock the gate she can't go anywhere. Pretty ideal. It is getting a bit chilly though......

Auntie Maya made Lexie an unbreakable tiara
I don't really have much news to offer. Only that I had another root canal treatment done yesterday. I went to my old dentist who still knew me. He was satisfied with the treatment I've had so far in China. He would have done exactly the same procedure. He didn't give me crap about being tough and gave me plenty anesthesia ;).

Lexie is sitting on my lap as I type this, pointing out everybody in the picture.

At Juul and Jenny's

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