zondag 20 oktober 2013

Back in China

I'm sitting in my favourite Japanese restaurant as I write this post. Isabelle is fast asleep in her stroller next to me. I got a table for us just before the big lunch rush. Now I'm waiting for grandma, 2 aunties and Lexie who are buying groceries at Aeon (Jusco). Daddy was out playing tennis this morning and he is also on the way.
It's super busy here, very unlike Holland. I wasn't courageous enough to enter Aeons 'people mountain people sea'. Too busy!!! I took Izzie to Daiso to get some wrapping paper and cute bow ties. There were almost no people there. Apparently visa isn't valid everywhere..... My HK Visa card wasn't accepted, weird huh?
Lexie and Isabelle seem unaffected by jetlag. Hahaha, I haven't told them about it either. In Dutch we say 'wat niet weet, wat niet deert' (what you don't know can't affect you). HW and I feel ok but do get some feverish shivers now and then. 
Ha, they are here, gotta go!

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