vrijdag 7 februari 2014

Holiday week

It is the 8th day of the Chinese New Year today. Haiwen is on his way to HongKong for business, Lexie is keeping the grandparents busy and I'm home with Izzie. Yay!!! Finally some "alone" time. Much needed after a week a full on family time. We did have a great time, but as you all know, too much of a good thing...... ;)

On Tuesday we went to HuaDu (about an hours drive) to spend a night at the Sheraton there.
Haiwen, Izzie and me left first to go take care of my friend Katja's cats. We had some trouble finding her place but once the guard pointed us in the right direction it was OK. Both cats were happy so that's good. I changed the litter, water and food.

The plan was to meet up at a garden close to the hotel but they wouldn't let anybody in as it was at full capacity already. Gotta love Chinese New Year. We arrived too early and the rooms weren't ready yet.

View in the resort
No problem: early lunch it was! We went back outside and had lunch at a farmer's style restaurant. It was pretty good. Lexie took turns at taking everybody out to go look at the fish.

Water fun time!

After we got our rooms we chilled out for a bit. To keep Lexie entertained we went to a cake decoration class. Haiwen decorated a small cake and we ate it. Then it was onto gym and sauna for most of us. 

Hi :)

Haiwen and I took a yoga class but the teacher was very bad. I decided to stop and head to the sauna instead. That was a good call. In the evening we went to this restaurant:


The food was so yummy that we had lunch there the next day as well. It is in the middle of nowhere but all tables were taken! Unfortunately Qiang (my sister in law) got a fever overnight. We decided to head back to Guangzhou a bit earlier.

Grandpa and Izzie

On Wednesday evening we took the girls to Haiwen's former classmate's baby's 100th day celebration.
It was fun and Lexie adopted a "big sis" to play with her. They both had a lot of fun. Izzie was very popular amongst all the present "aunties".

Daddy, Izzie and blue sky
On Thursday we went to pay New Year's respect to people that helped grandma when she was very young. They live in Shunde. Qiang still had a fever so she couldn't drive there. Beep, beep!! Joke on the road!! I followed Haiwen which was more than a little bit frustrating since they guy won't indicate to save his life, grrrr. I had two very dangerous maneuvers because of his last minute reaction driving style. Well, luckily this is China so it is kinda expected that you don't really know where you're going anyway. Western Joke was pissed off though ;)
Together with XiYangYang
We had a nice lunch together but I didn't have much time to eat as Izzie is teething. Poor girl. She looked at me with such a sad face. I gave her Dentinox and some homeopathic stuff as well. That seemed to help a bit. At night I gave her baby paracetamol so she (and I) could get some sleep. We didn't have much of that for a few nights in a row. Last night she woke up once and she's napping again now. I can see the teeth so hopefully they'll be all the way out soon.

No more teeth less grins..... It does go so fast.......

Guangzhou, Guangzhou

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