woensdag 19 februari 2014


Last week I spent 3 days teaching clarinet in HuangPu. The weather went from 25C at Chinese New Year to 8C a few days after. The real feel went as low as 1C!! That is super cold with no central heating anywhere.

               HuangPu students

As you can see there's no real furniture or anything cozy in the classroom. Just students, me, instrument and our desire to stay warm. Did I mention it was windy too? Brrrrr. I took a few classes out to run around in the hallway and to do some jumping to warm up. The lessons went very well and they students improved a bit. 

I had to skip class on Thursday morning as I got sick at night and Lexie and Izzie took turns waking up and crying...... I rested for a bit in the morning and went in in the afternoon. 

Later that day I decided to stop breast feeding. 6,5 months is quite some time and I'm getting busier work wise. It's not fun being out with no space to pump. On top of that I'm so done with pumping after Lexie that I don't ever want to do it again. Cold turkey it was since I know I don't do well doing things gradually. Just not my way. Friday and Saturday were not my most comfortable days ever, to make a slight understatement......... Now on Wednesday it is going better. 

Students are coming to my house again after being on their holidays. Nice to have some old enough to have a coffee with ;)
My student was happy with her class as she later posted on WeChat: "Isabelle didn't cry during my lesson today. That must mean I'm getting better."

                  During breakfast

I must admit that breastfeeding was a whole lot easier than giving Izzie rice porridge and bottles. Ayaaaa. Gotta pay a price for freedom I guess ;)
She seems to know that her Chinese sign is snake. She wobbles her head looking at the spoon and than strikes forward like a cobra. Unfortunately her coordination is a bit off so that particular spoonful of food ended up in her eye..... I seem to get her nose a lot...... We'll keep working on it!

                    After breakfast

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