maandag 24 februari 2014

Last week

I spent three days subbing (substituting) at the American School last week. The school is equipped nicely but bloody far away in Science Park. That means getting on a faculty bus at 6.45......

The M1 music room
The students are nice and we got a lot of work done. I got positive feedback from the students, some parents and the regular teacher :) At one point I may go in to sub other classes as well, possibly Chinese (Mandarin). It is fun to teach at an international school. My language skills come in handy, hihi. If I were ever to work there I'd learn some Korean. I shocked the Asian students when I said "Are you kidding me?" in Cantonese, hahaha. After that they played better.


On the first day I couldn't get a cab or a bus to get to the faculty bus pick up point. Very frustrating as it was cold, dark and raining. For a second I thought I'd moved back to Holland!! 15 min before departure I finally got on the B21 bus. I made it with 4 min to spare, thanks to no traffic at all. Phew.

The second day didn't go that smoothly either as the bus passed me on the way to the main road. Ayaaaa. Luckily I knew that the B21 would be quick once it came along. Made it again. No rain, but still very cold.

On the third day I got a cab straight away. The result was that I arrived at the pick up point stupid early (6.20, bus at 6.45). Well yeah, I joined GZ's elderly for a little stretching on the riverside and took some pics of day break. 

Day break is FAST in the sub tropics. The first pic was taken at 6.27 and the last one at 6.38.

 Weekend was family time. We went to Hommy's on both days to chill out. Miraculously both Lexie and Izzie took a nap at the same time on Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday I gave Lexie a haircut. She was always saying "haartjes auw, auw". I was a bit sad about it as she had such adorable pig tails. With curls even. Getting her hair washed tough wasn't fun at all. At Daiso I got her a halo so that problem has been solved now. She played with it for a long time and then when we used it, she loved it. When I was cutting her hair she even said "xiexie mama". Wow.

Not bad, mommy!
She's started to serve me imaginary tea and cakes now. I also get offered meat as she loves to eat meat herself. Very cute :)

Hanging out for old times' sake
Izziebizzie is 7 months old today. She seems quite happy about it as she's sitting next to me in her high chair, throwing toys on the floor.

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