donderdag 6 maart 2014

Busy times

Last Thursday we filmed a TV show for Guangdong TV. The theme was feminism because Women's Day is coming up. The discussion was very general and women's voting rights couldn't be discussed because director deemed that subject "politically sensitive". Well yeah, there goes the whole historical background. In the end we discussed the Disney film "Frozen". That was safe enough.

With the "crew" after filming the TV show
On Sunday and Monday I was at AISG (American International School Guangzhou) again. This time not for substituting but to be a clinician at the band event. The first day I taught saxophones and clarinets together. The second day only clarinets so that was the best day for me. On Sunday night we had a nice dinner together with all participants and teachers.

AISG band festival
AISG is a nice school but it is very far away from the city center. That's the only downside really. On Sunday morning I shared a cab with Michael and on Monday one of our orchestra colleagues gave us a ride. There were kids from 4 international schools is the area. I gave all the teachers a brochure of our music school, of course ;) The kids just have band lessons, not private lessons so I'd be happy to help out with that!

First rehearsal

Concert day in the gym
My new toy arrived on Monday: a soprano saxophone. I'm playing a small gig with it tomorrow night. Hahaha. Hope that 4 days will be enough to prepare ;) My arm is very tired, I can tell you that!

Trying out my new toy with Izzie
Right now I'm at AISG yet again. I'm watching students take tests. Not very exiting....... Next week I'll be doing a music substitute again on Friday. I'm doing a half day tomorrow too since I have to get ready for the gig in the evening. They asked for a whole day but there's only so much I can do!

Izzie playing with/eating some blocks

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