woensdag 22 april 2015

Hello :)

Well, up and at 'm again today!!
The last few days have been busy but nice. In the weekend I was teaching both mornings and hanging out with the girls for the rest of the day. 
I took Lexie to see a Cinderella play on Saturday afternoon. The play was quite good and Lexie liked it. The way home wasn't great as we couldn't get a taxi for ages. I used my app but the stupid driver couldn't find us so in the end we jumped into the first free cab that came along. 

On Monday night we had a crazy thunder storm. Grandma wanted to wade over to our place to give me and Izzie our dinner. That was very sweet of her but I wanted to go over to theirs with Izzie to see Lexie as well......so I put Izzie in the carrier, put on sandals and shorts, got an umbrella and went for it. 

Izzie wasn't happy at first because she prefers to walk everywhere by herself. When she saw all the water and heard the splashing and the raindrops she enjoyed our walk as well. It rained even harder after dinner and I was wading through ceveral cm's of water. 

I've been doing my best to get workouts in but it's been a tad difficult. I got a new step that I'm very happy with and Izzie loves it as well ;) 

On Monday I had to go to the dentist before subbing as my tooth had chipped. Luckily no filling was needed and a little polishing sufficed. Byebye relaxed morning though..... The dentist was really nice and didn't even charge me. I got to school early but without workout gear. I went to the hill opposite the school for some walking and stair work. Since I was a bit bored I counted the steps: 772 in total. Up for about 435 and down for the rest. Some of the "steps" are sloping paths, hence the difference. 

On Tuesday I went to school early especially to get a workout in. It turned out that there was a special schedule that day so I started work by 11.35 instead of 12.00. I did manage to do what I wanted in a shorter time. 

Subbing was fine: Spanish and band. The kids were instructed by their teacher to conduct so I grabbed a flute and later a clarinet to play along in the band :)

Today was an early day yet again as I'm subbing the morning classes and HuangPu with 5 group lessons clarinet is coming up at 12.30! 

On the way home I'll catch up with a friend over dinner. Wednesday night dinner out is now a "thing" as traffic is too bad to get home quicker anyway. I take the subway into town first, then have dinner and catch a cab home afterwards.
Going home all the way on the subway is too messy at rush hour. I have to transfer and that is basically impossible. Well, I don't like to be caught in human underground traffic jams so I rather like my "dinner first" routine. I'm still home around the same time, just with way less stress and a belly full of (mostly) Western food ;)

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