donderdag 16 april 2015

Blog numero 3 of the week!

Wow, I'm on a blog roll this week ;)
I've been walking to the school bus every day this week so I've been taking some sunrise shots with my phone. Gotta keep myself entertained, right?

My early morning ninja skills are getting quite good as I manage to slip out of bed without waking Izzie up. Haiwen has arrived safely in France where he is enjoying the clean air. 
With Haiwen gone, grandma is reporting for duty at 6AM as I have to leave to catch the school bus.

I'm also doing some sub work next week which includes rehearsals with the high school band as the music teacher will be out on a middle school trip.
Right now I'm in IB math class. The kids are taking a test while their normal teacher is in The Hague.
Funny to think that he's off in Holland and a Dutch person is covering his class ;)

I'm sad to say that the cool and fresh air is disappearing already. It was not as chilly out this morning as the last few days. Ah, humidity and heat are nigh! I really enjoyed feeling "cold" the last few mornings!

I'm off in the next period so I will get a workout in. I'm still not sure what I will do exactly but inspiration will come shortly.

Here's a conversation I had with a student just now during 1st period advisory:

Student: "Miss Joke, can I go work out, I'm done with all my homework."
Me: "Sure, what are you going to do?"Student: "Squats and lunges mostly."
Me: "OK, will you do them weighted?"
Student: "Yes, I will, I want to try out the new equipment that came in."
Me: "Excellent, go ahead and check back here at the end of this period."
Student: "Thank you, but I also have a question about my Chopin etude."
Me: "Let's take a look at it."
*student gets computer and shows me the score*
*I take a look and give advise*
Student: "Thank you Miss Joke."Me: "No problem, go smash it in the gym."

Other people depicting the sunrise
Lexie had a great school trip on Tuesday. They went to the athlete's training centre on the outskirts of Guangzhou. She was super popular and had to take loads of pictures with the athletes.
I asked her what else they did and she told me: "we helped our older sisters and brothers to pick up balls". Hehehe, "older sisters and brothers" is the Chinese term for people that are older then you, but not quite up to "uncle" and "auntie" age.

I had a close encounter with nature earlier this week
The kindergarten kids had a physical check up yesterday where they also drew some blood.
Lexie showed me the mark on her arm and declared: "The doc took some blood here but it didn't hurt and I didn't cry".  

*Proud mommy*

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