dinsdag 29 december 2015

Christmas party at the kindergarten

On Christmas Day I was invited to co-host the Christmas show for the kiddies. I did it last year as well and it is a lot of fun. There was a script, but the main teacher and I just winged it anyway, whilst occasionally glancing at the script ;) Best to be spontanous, right?

With Lexie's class and a former head of the kindergarten. Izzie was sleeping on grandma at this point.

Lexie and her class mates in action
At the beginning of the show the teachers and I performed a simplified version of Snowwhite in English. We had one rehearsal last week and that was a lot of fun. Leave it to the foreigner to shake things up a bit :P We recorded our lines so we play backed during the performance. 

Hunter! Go kill Snowwhite!!!
"Evil Queening" it up  
Unfortunately Izzie was not feeling well at all. We joined her class for "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" but she was only interested in cuddles.

Twinkle, Twinkle!

Lexie transformed into an ultra cute mini Santa and helped with handing out gifts to the children.

Santa and mini Santa's

Performance ready!
After the show with the head of the kindergarten
Straight after the show I took Izzie home and she slept on me in the carrier. Grandma joined the lunch group with the (ex) heads of the kindergarten. All in all a not very traditional but fun way to celebrate Christmas!!

In the afternoon I went to visit Molly and Adam. That was also really nice with yummy snacks (gluten free rum cake!!!) and mulled wine :) In the evening it was back to cuddle duty. That is also really nice and I'm enjoying it now while I can!

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