maandag 28 december 2015


The internet is being impossible once again so no pics today!
Today I taught my first ever trumpet lesson. It went very well and my student was happy too :)
We changed the time last minute so I ended up teaching before working out. After teaching I felt cold and unmotivated. The internet didn't work so watching a work out video was simply out of the question. I made a 12 min HIIT and smashed it. After that I felt a bit better.

Once I was warm I figured to try some toe push ups. I'm very new a these; I did my first "real" push up last week. I tried and managed 8 in a row. I rested for a bit and did 8 more.

Ayi arrived to clean so I went out to get a hair cut. I was in the mood to try a new place but my very frustrating internet search didn't help much (it is a sad internet day when even Chinese sites refuse service). I did find an address so I walked on over. The place looked a bit old but the service was OK. The price was great: only 30RMB for washing, cutting and a quick rinse.

I felt hungry so I decided to walk up to a mall where I hadn't been in ages. I got myself a lovely Japanese beef soup (great for the colder weather we're having) and some sushi since I was at the restaurant already ;) Yum, yum, feeling a bit warmer and I happily strolled home.

I was a bit sleepy and bored so I challenged myself to do 10 full push ups in a row and I did it!!!

On January 31th I'm playing solo in XingHai concert hall with the string orchestra from the 86th Middle School. Time to do some serious clarinet practise :) It is always nice to have a set goal to work towards. I'm going to play by heart which is "a thing" for me. The piece is quite easy so I should be able to do it. Looks like I'll have at least 2 concerts in XingHai this year. I've had at least 1 concert a year there since arriving in China. When I was still in the orchestra I played in that hall nearly every week ;)

Now it is time to go pick up the two little ones from kindergarten.
Izzie was back for the first day today as she had tonsillitis last week. That was no fun at all, especially not for her. She started feeling better over the weekend so that is great :)

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