maandag 20 juni 2016


It's Monday morning. My work out is done, the girls are off to school and I have the house to myself. HURRAYYYY!!!! Hehehe, I do have the whole house but I'm hanging out in the bedroom as the AC was already on in here :)

I felt in the mood for a resistance band work out this morning so that's what I did. Nothing too crazy but a nice burn. Sue and Dave are in town and it has been great to catch up!

Hanging out with Molly, Sue and Dave
Yesterday morning I taught a new saxophone student. Le sigh.... Same old story: no emotion, not much sound and a vague blank expression on his face. The good news is that he doesn't have any major issues so we have an OK place to start from. It will probably take a few classes but I'm getting pretty good at instilling joy whilst making music into formerly drilled and most likely bored to death kids.

Our first official fair for dōTERRA
After another class I headed to the Crowne Plaza hotel to participate in a health and wellness fair. Sarah and I "manned" our booth and Cillia from Shanghai came over to support us.

Getting my yoga on during the fair
Our neighbors were yogi's so I had a chance to get some sun salutations in! We presented a DIY (Do It Yourself) with the essential oils and people were very interested. After the fair I felt really tired as it was super hot out.

A little creation
Lexie and Izzie are doing great. Growing like weeds and all of that, haha. Haiwen is back from his business trip and grandma enjoyed her cruise. All good in this part of the world!

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