zaterdag 11 juni 2016

What a Saturday!

Today was a good day :)

With Lili our piano teacher and also co-owner of Meet Art
I started teaching at 9.15 and had a pretty good class with Joy. She's only 5 years old so coming up with new games to play can be a bit difficult. At 10.00 it was saxophone time with Gigi and she was very well concentrated today, hahaha! I was even more goofy than her ;)
Being artsy in my flip flops :)

After Gigi's class I stopped by Meet Art to see how they were doing with their opening prep. Everything looked good so I snapped some pics to post on WeChat.

I love tiles and I love flip flops
I went home to play with Izzie and waited for Lexie to come back from art class. We had a quick lunch and my next class was with Sophie on piano. The student after her cancelled so I went to Meet Art to join the opening party for a while.

Opening signatures wall 
I couldn't stay too long as Justin was coming for a class at 3PM. I had put the diffuser on and he was very happy with that. "Mmmmmm, I really needed this. The air during our exams was terrible, I really could have used one of these."

Justin really likes Wild Orange with Peppermint

We worked hard and had fun so that was good! The last class today with piano again with RuiSi. She is slowly forgetting all her Chinese drilled bad habits and comes up with beautiful notes now. Sometimes harshly interrupted by not so beautiful ones, but hey, gotta start somewhere, right?

Tante Lieke with her new essential oils key chain!
After his class I stopped by at Meet Art and I made a few fake pics of me arranging flowers. Well, the pics were real but the arranging was fake, haha. I can see Meet Art from our reception so that's how close by it is. I wish them loads of success because it is great to have a coffee/art place right next to your own school!

:) :)
Yesterday we had a dōTERRA event at my house. It was very nice and we did body scrub DIY. It was really easy and a lot of fun. There even was a 6 weeks old baby present!

:) :) 
Tomorrow Haiwen and grandma are leaving Guangzhou until Friday, leaving me and grandpa in charge. Haiwen is off on a business trip and grandma is going on a cruise with lots of friends.
Lexie will be going to kindergarten but Izzie's class has been stopped because too many kids were sick.
Izzie was already home with growth spurt fever so luckily she didn't catch any of the contagious stuff. Now I just need to come up with a plan what to do all week with Izzie. I'm thinking loads of chilling out and going to see friends :)

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