donderdag 28 februari 2013

20 weeks and counting....

Little one no. 2 is growing and growing. This week he/she is about -20 weeks old! Next monday I will have an ultrasound in HongKong to see how he/she is doing and if it is a he or a she.
I'll let you know here and on Facebook. I'm just assuming that little one no. 2 is not camera shy ;)

Little one no.1 aka Lexie is doing great. She's talking a lot and has already discovered the word 'no'. A bit early I think but we knew this day was going to come. She says it in Dutch.

"Lexie, do you want some water? -Nee!"

"Lexie, do you want some water? -Nee!"

Here's some water. - Guzzle, guzzle.......

(For your convenience mostly in English)

Walking around during dinner with the grandparents. Haiwen and I were sitting upstairs.
I got stricken by a household bug this week and made hummus from scratch. Yes, I mean it!!! Soaking, cooking chick peas and all. I'm very impressed if I may say so.

I also got stricken by a real bug and that's why you haven't heard from me for a few days. Today is the first day that I'm feeling a bit better. The main power supply is going to little one no.2 so it takes longer for me to get better.

Unconventional slide use
We are all going out for dinner tonight but I'm not sure if I'll have more than just soup or maybe some congee. The place where we are going is specialized in pigeon.......

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Anoniem zei

Mooi buikje groeit alweer aardig. En dat is toch een super mooi woordje NEE :P ik gebruik dit ook nog heel vaak hoor tot ergernis van Mat :P

Nog een weekje en dan gaan we richting zuid-afrika . Wekomen terug op de verjaardag van Chrit aka Pap aka OPa . Heb er super veel zin in alleen dat stomme inpakken GRRRR don't like it at all NEE NEE NEE niet mijn hobby.

Groetejs Carla