donderdag 11 april 2013

Interesting day!

16.11 and had a full day already!! Lexie got car sick this morning, the poor thing. Traffic was bad due to rain so it was stop and go for most of the way. She made a gurgling noise and then 3 huge gulps of curdled milk came out. You can imagine the mess that made. 

When we got to the Kindergarten I carried her to the toilets to get her cleaned up. Good thing that there are always fresh clothes in her back pack! Three teachers and grandma came to help and it was like watching a pit stop at the formula 1. I held Lexie while they took off her clothes, washed her and put clean clothes back on. It was super quick. While grandma and I gathered the dirty clothes the teacher took her to class. I sneaked a peak and she was already happily munching on a bun. She didn't see me and we quickly left.

Picture by teacher Li
Haiwen dropped grandma and the headmistress off at the hospital close to school. The headmistress knows a doctor there that can help grandma's brother. He's got a clogged kidney artery that needs to be opened up again. In China you need you guanxi (connections) if you want to get something fast!

Then Haiwen's taxi duty continued as he dropped me off at the Canton Club for the GWIC morning coffee. It was nice to catch up with the ladies and I also met a newly arrived Dutch girl. Her boyfriend works for the competitor of Rokatec (where HW works).

Canton club is very posh so you can ask them to get you a cab. They also make sure that nobody cuts in line so to speak, very handy! Nice to wait inside on a big plushy sofa instead of outside in the rain. I got one quite quickly and went to Ersha.

Wagner rehearsal 
David Stern is conducting this week and Michael arranged for us to meet at Starbucks. Some more nice catching up followed and we decided to go to dinner tonight with a few orchestra people and the singers. I stayed and listened to the rehearsal for a while. I noticed I left my scarf at Starbucks so I went back to get it. Little one no. 2 seems to like Wagner, haha. During the break I talked to some ex colleagues and then it was time to head back home and rest for a bit.

Last Friday I went to listen to the Stuttgart Symphony with Stephan Deneve at the opera house. His wife Asa arranged tickets for us, very cool! I didn't get to see him after the concert but we had a quick drink on Saturday whilst skyping his wife and daughter. They were just waking up in Scotland ;)

Yeah, mommy still has a life too :P

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