zaterdag 20 april 2013


Hot, hot, hot!! Guangzhou did the typical *poof!!* and the season changed overnight. From a cold 15C and rain last week to a current 28C with high humidity giving a real feel of 35C.
I'm not completely adjusted just yet ;)

Aw, our big, stinky city can be pretty too!
It was a good week for teaching and I had classes on four different days. This weeks classes included clarinet, saxophone and Dutch. Lexie is doing great at school, so that's a big relieve. Not a single wet pants incident there. Just once here one evening when she got too busy playing. Not bad for a still not quite 1,5 year 'old' girl!!

Fly, fly, fly!!!
Last night we took Lexie to a big square. Lots of space to run around and a helicopter, of course!! Grandpa did most of the chasing, haha. I'm not allowed to chase and grandma had a sore back. All the more fun for grandpa. Haiwen was on his way back from HongKong so he got home late.

Animal game, always a big hit!!
Lexie and I had a nice morning while daddy was out playing tennis. I think I've heard 'mamma' about 183 times today already! She's at grandpa's now but will come back here soon. At noon I went out with Haiwen for lunch. We went to a japanese burger place where the food was quite nice. You can tell that it is a non-chinese establishment from everything. Nice decoration, good service, nice quality and so on. It's just more 'finished' somehow. After lunch we headed over to Hommy's and hung out for a bit. Haiwen is gone again now but is presumably making an appearance in about an hour.... We'll see. In the meantime I did the laundry (fascinating, I know!!).

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