dinsdag 16 april 2013


Last Friday I got a call from Mister Wang, Lily's dad. He asked if I could come to Shenzhen to teach her and some other students. Weekend or Monday. Monday of course because I wasn't going to desert Lexie after her first week of school! Haiwen was very nice and drove me there. As usual I wasn't sure what the plan was once I got there. I only knew it was 4 hours teaching minimum.

A restroom for...... resting!
It turned out to be 2 hours for Lily and 2 hours for Jack, who is also at boarding school in England. They were back for their Easter holidays. So it was Jack, Lily, lunch, Lily Jack, haha. All at mister Wang's house. Jack's dad drove me all the way to the train station after class. It was pretty far away. I didn't want to take the bus because it doesn't have a toilet. Not a situation I'm willing to put myself in at almost 27 weeks pregnant!

Public transport app 
I arrived back at the East Railway station a bit before 19.00. I met up with Haiwen who was at Hommy's before. We went to one of my favourite places: Roku sushi. We had to wait a little bit for a table but that was OK. Haiwen brought me a drink ;) No real sushi for me of course, but they have other nice things there (tempura, miso soup). After dinner it was time to head home. Qiang joined us and we picked up Lexie from grandma's. Lexie must have been knackered. Everything made her cry/scream.... First it was leaving grandpa behind, then it was daddy being too far behind in the parking lot as I was carrying her to the lift..... then the fact that I didn't open the crayon box..... pajama's.... sleeping.....
I've never heard her scream so high and loud!!! Poor thing, it was almost funny. She was standing up in her bed, completely mad and screaming 'gaogaojuuuuu' (cute Cantonese for sleeping). I tried to point out to her that she was already in bed but somehow that did not impress her much. She probably wanted to go to our bed. I wished her a very good night and after one minute she was fast asleep. 

I'm feeling pretty 'ingeburgerd' now I have a public transport app! It works well and has lots of cool functions. You know, just in case I can't get a cab ;)

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