zondag 14 april 2013

Lovely Sunday

Yesterday evening we had a bachelorette party for Nicole. She's not getting married for 3 more months but Lieke is in town now ;). We had a great time at a Japanese restaurant and later at karaoke. I lasted until a bit after 23.00. Lieke walked me out of the karaoke and got me a cab straight away. There were two (drunk) guys before us but she asked them to let me go first, haha, cool! She said: "excuse me my friend has a baby *grand gesture at my belly* can she have this cab?". The guys immediately agreed and were very happy I said "xiexie". Ah, so easy to please!
Car seat: approved!
An uneasy night followed as I was super tired but awake at the same time. Little one no.2 was not very impressed with me dancing and singing at the karaoke so she only woke up during the cab ride home. Then she had her own little party for a while. Lexie woke up very early so we put her in our bed to sleep a bit more. She was very restless so I didn't get much sleep.

Cool swing seat
This morning we headed to Shamian island to enjoy the nice weather. It was the first dry and sunny day in a while. All of a sudden it was 28C this afternoon. Big change after 13C on Thursday! We went to a place called Rose garden and chilled out for a while. It was great to be outside.

Lexie was happy to be outside too as you can see. We had an early lunch and headed back home. I dropped Lexie off at grandma's place where she refused to sleep. You see, grandma is on a 'no more pacifier' saga........ *sigh* If you give it to her she'll be out in 5 minutes or less. BUT it is not 'Chinese' to use one so it has to go right now!!!! They won't give it to her at kindergarten either so nap time has been a struggle. I think they are just being silly and stupid. Come on, she's 1,5 years old and her life just changed a lot. Why change everything at once? Obviously nobody listens to me, since I'm just her mom........ 
After the allotted nap time, in which no napping got done, we headed to Hommy's. Lexie was happy and played with everybody. She got super tired though (how strange, huh?) and she fell fast asleep in the car on the way home. I think that the nap schedule has been really messed up now but grandma feels it's progress that she slept without the pacifier..... *sigh* Like she is going to fall asleep at school around noon from sheer exhaustion (me thinks not).

It is very frustrating and it is so annoying that such a major fuss is being made about a tiny little detail. The way I see it is very simple: give her the pacifier, she sleeps, she's happy. When she notices the other kids don't use one she'll want to try sleeping without it soon enough. But hey, who am I??

Car seat: also great for naps
Haiwen and Lexie are at grandma's for dinner now. I still have some leftovers here. I decided that my 'in law meter' is more than full for this week, haha. Now I also have some time to write a blog and share todays pictures with you ;)

Tomorrow I'm teaching in Shenzhen. I hope I have enough energy for that. Haiwen is dropping me off and I'm coming back by train. The guy who arranges the classes is a bit chaotic to put it mildly. I told him I don't want hour long gaps in between students so I hope he arranged the times well.

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