dinsdag 14 april 2015

Oh what a beautiful day!!!

Aaaaah, the few days a year that are 100% nice weather wise!! Started the day with a walk to the school bus at 6.06 when it was 15C outside. So fresh!

I did a walk/jog combo all the way to the bus, courtesy of the "cool" weather. I don't like getting on the bus all sweaty but today that was not a problem. Jogging with my backpack and purse is not ideal, but hey, gotta burn those cals!

At 8 AM it was homeroom time. Not much going on there, just getting the school day started.
Luckily it had the first period off so I headed to the hill across from the school to do stairs. And stairs.... and more stairs, up one way of the hill, down the other way and back to the starting point.

I had a little bit time left before the next class so I did a few bicep curls and shoulder lifts in the school gym. By then work out time was up so I headed for a shower. All squeaky clean and back to class!

Haiwen is leaving for a business trip to France tonight. He'll be gone for 12 days. I don't think he's been away for so long before yet (I have, hahaha). I hope he has fun and that the trip will be a success.

In the afternoon I will have one piano class. My student is doing well and I'm sure that she grew several inches since we started! Those kids just keep on getting taller and taller (or am I starting to shrink??)

To top today off I will go to yoga class (at our own school) tonight as well. Haiwen is going to drop bye to say bye-bye, since I already left so early this morning.

Getting warmer soon.....
Lexie is off on her first school trip today. They have great weather so I'm sure they will have lots of fun :)

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